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Over 71 years of experience in the lubricant  industry

Since its humble beginnings in the early 1950s, today Zamirsons Petroleum Industries Private Limited (ZP) has evolved to establish a trusted and well-reputed name in the industry of additives and lubricants.

After more than 71+ years of continuous innovation and improvement Zamirsons, Petroleum Industries is now featured as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the best automotive lubricants and industrial oils in the global lubricant industry. We offer lubricants that are fortified to overcome the modern-day challenges of the industry.

Our range of synthetic, semi-synthetic, and mineral oil-based motor oils, gearbox oils, and transmission fluids are used from lightweight vehicles like motorcycles, scooters, cars to heavy-duty vehicles and trucks. While for every industrial equipment and application operating in various industries, we have suitable lubricants to meet the diverse needs of today.

Automotive Lubricants

We are one of the world’s finest high-performance and technologically advanced global automotive lubricant manufacturers and suppliers.

Industrial Lubricants

Our industrial engine oils and lubricants are built for protection and performance. We offer the best fully synthetic industrial hydraulic oils and fluids for every industry

Zamir Sons Petroleum Product Range

Super Power 20w/50

Heavy Duty Engine Oil

Gear Plus


ISO VG 680

Power Plus SAE 50


Diesel Engine Oil

Z-Power Extra 20w-50


Petrol/Diesel Engine Oil

Power Advance 20w-50


Multi Grade Engine Oil

Super Duty HD 50


Heavy Duty Engine Oil

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