Our Heritage 


Over 70+ years of experience in the lubricants industry

Zamirsons Petroleum is a reputed high-performance automotive oils and industrial lubricants manufacturer with 70+ years of rich heritage in the industry of lubricants and additives.

Zamirsons Petroleum management comprises of highly skilled management with diverse educational and
technical backgrounds, experienced and dedicated to serve and satisfy the customers.

We strive to develop relations with our clients, suppliers and partners to develop new product innovations to further exceed the expectations of our customers.

We proactively seek out the views of our customers, and those views are used in our product development cycle.

Our exporting capabilities extend to over 50+ countries worldwide and our products are engineered by experts with decades of industry experience. 

Our continuous efforts for improvement and integration of technological innovations in our products have allowed us to meet the needs of our customers and the standards of the global industry for so many years. 

Our expert teams work in state-of-the-art laboratories to tailor solutions to specific customer needs by modifying existing products, or developing new ones. This helps our customers compete in what is an increasingly competitive business environment.


Revolutionary oil engineering

– tested to perfection

We strive more than to develop the best engine oils and lubricant solutions in the industry.

We ‘actually’ put relentless efforts into building and improving our automotive lubricants that ensure the cleanliness, performance, lubrication, and rust protection of the engines that ultimately allow you to enjoy a safer and smoother journey with total peace of mind.
Compact Engine Performance

Our automotive and industrial lubricants ensure the cleanliness, performance, lubrication, and rust protection of the engines.

Integration of technology 

We infuse the latest technologies in our synthetic engine oils and ensure durability, performance, and protection of components and engines.

Fortified with protection additives

Our oils and lubricants are enhanced with advanced protective additives helps extend components’ life and performance.

Industry Standards 

All of our automotive oils and industrial lubricants satisfy all the international lubrication standards of today’s industry. 

Work with us !

Building relations based on, trust and respect 

A one-stop organization for all of your lubricant needs.

We welcome entrepreneurs and forward-thinking organizations to conduct business with us and distribute our products under their unique brand name and product packaging. Connect with us to get a quote or to know more about how we can help you.